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The PDBEB is a 4-year Programme that provides a comprehensive and integrated background in modern biology focusing on the three areas of expertise at CNC - Neuroscience and Brain Diseases, Metabolism and Aging, and Advanced Therapies. The goal is to train students for independent research and entrepreneurship in these areas, and to bring them to the forefront of science.
Year 1 is dedicated to advanced training and the definition of a Thesis Project. The curriculum includes Core Courses on transversal skills required in modern biology, and six elective Advanced Courses in CNC Research areas, as well as lab rotations. Students will be required to complete sufficient credits, but will also be able to build their curriculum according to their interests.
Core Courses
PDBEB students are required to complete Core Courses that cover current concepts and technological aspects, also with contributions from CNC Technological Platforms. Courses on Statistics for Life Sciences, Computational Biology Tools and Bio-ethics will provide transversal skills.
Advanced Courses
In addition to the Core Courses, PDBEB students select six elective courses that stem from the CNC scientific strengths. Each student will be tutored by a faculty member, to personalize her/his curriculum.

Advanced courses will be offered in the areas of Neuroscience and Brain Disease, Metabolism and Aging and Advanced Therapies, Stem cells and tissue engineering. Advanced courses will be taught by CNC PIs and invited Lecturers. The optional content will change yearly, maintaining the scientific focus while identifying novel developments. Critical thinking will be fostered, and students stimulated to develop their own opinions about scientific topics and approaches. Students are evaluated using different strategies: written tests, oral presentations, paper discussions, and project writing; testing whether they can identify the interesting scientific questions, as well as design experimental strategies to address them.
Lab rotations
During Year 1 students will be integrated for 6 weeks in CNC labs of their choice (an internship called “lab rotation”), in order to choose a research area and a Project to be developed with a Supervisor (or supervisors).
Thesis Project
In the final part of the curricular period the students develop their Thesis Project in collaboration with chosen supervisor(s). The written proposal and an oral presentation and discussion will be analyzed by a Thesis Project Committee.
In the last three years students develop the research for the PhD degree. The Thesis Committee will accompany the student throughout the process via annual progress reports and meetings with the student.
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