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Neuronal Circuits & Behavior 2016
April 22 - 29
Coordinator: João Peça (jpeca@cnc.uc.pt)
PDBEB Course
(together with the Neuroscience course – PD Bioengineering, MIT-Portugal)

Neuronal Circuits & Behavior 2016

April 22-29, 2016

CNC - Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra

Coordinator: João Peça (jpeca@cnc.uc.pt)

Lecturers, University of Coimbra:
João Peça, CNC, III
Miguel Castelo-Branco, IBILI and Faculty of Medicine

Invited lecturers:

Miquel Bosch, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Barcelona, Spain
Gabriel Pires, Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica, Universidade de Coimbra
Luisa Pinto, ICVS
Susana Lima, Champalimaud Foundation
Maria Luísa Vasconcelos, Champalimaud Foundation
Miguel Remondes, IMM

Student Assignments:
PDBEB & MBCM students: Will write a 3 pages long grant proposal that should include the following sections: a) State of the art; b) Objectives of proposal; 3) Proposed tasks and methodology.

Grant Proposal Deadline: May 6


April 22
9.00h-9.45h: Introduction to Neuronal Circuits
João Peça

10.00h-10.45h: (Opto)genetic dissection of neuronal circuit
João Peça

14.00h-14.45h: " Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)"
Gabriel Pires

15.00h-16.00h: Seminar “P300-based BCI as an assistive tool for individuals with motor disabilities: methods, challenges and applications”
Gabirel Pires

Time to meet your tutor for grant proposal

April 26
11.00h-11.45h: Stress and Neuroplasticity
Luísa Pinto

12.00h-12.45h: Postnatal Neuroplasticity in depression
Luísa Pinto

14.00h-15.45h: Hypothalamic circuits and mate selection
Susana Lima

15.00h-16.00h: Seminar “Neural mechanism underlying state dependent modulation of sexual behavior”
Susana Lima

April 27

9.00h-10.15h: Multi-photon microscopy: principles and applications - Live imaging of neurons and synapses in vivo
Miquel Bosch

Structural plasticity of the synapse
Miquel Bosch

Afternoon: Time to meet your tutor for grant proposal

April 28

2P microscopy – practical session
Miquel Bosch

14.00h-14.45h: In vivo electrophysiology recordings in awake animals
Miguel Remondes

15.00-15.45: Brain Maps for Choice Behaviors
Miguel Remondes

April 29

11.00h-11.45h: Innate behavior: Drosophila in neuroscience
Maria Luísa Vasconcelos
12.00h-13.00h: Seminar “Neuronal basis of female fruit fly receptivity”
Maria Luísa Vasconcelos

14.00h-14.45h: Imaging circuits in disease state
Miguel Castelo-Branco
15.00h-16.00h: Seminar
Miguel Castelo-Branco

Background Reading:

Yizhar O, Fenno LE, Davidson TJ, Mogri M, Deisseroth K (2011) Optogenetics in Neural Systems. Neuron 71, 9.

In vivo electrophysiology:
Chorev E, Epsztein J, Houweling AR, Lee AK and Brecht M (2009) Electrophysiological recordings from behaving animals—going beyond spikes. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 19:513–519.

Two-Photon Microscopy:
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Conditional gene expression:
Lewandoski, M. Conditional control of gene expression in the mouse. Nat.Rev.Genet. 2, 743–755 (2001).
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