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Neuronal Circuits and Behavior
May 18 - 29
Coordinator:: João Peça (CNC, IIIUC)

Neuronal Circuits and Behavior
18-29 May 2015

João Peça (CNC, IIIUC)

Tyler C. Brown (Brown)
Susana Correia (MIT)
Miguel Castelo-Branco (IBILI, FMUC)
Tiago Maia (Columbia University/ Univ. Lisboa)
Susana Lima (Champalimaud Foundation)
Luísa Pinto (ICVS, Univ. Minho)
Vasco Galhardo (Universidade do Porto)
Miguel Remondes (IMM)
João Peça (CNC, IIIUC)

The aim of this course is to provide an integrative view into the functioning of neuronal circuits and the methodologies used to probe how neural networks assemble and communicate within different neuronal systems. A second aim is to address questions related to how neuronal computations give rise to perceptions and ultimately, to behavioral output. Lectures will focus on particular circuits or brain region and the underlying behavioral programs and disorders associated with their function. The students will gain knowledge on how information in coded in the brain, how it is propagated and will be introduced to the state of the art methodologies applied in the field of neurophysiology and behavioral analysis. This will include discussion and exploration of practical examples on the application of techniques such as: in vivo recordings with multi-electrode arrays, local field potential analyses, brain imaging, optogenetics, genetic engineering or multi-photon microscopy.

Participation in the course
Please register by following the link: http://goo.gl/x9cTrq or by sending an email to jpeca@cnc.uc.pt

Evaluation will by means of a written grant proposal centered on topics covered in the course (3000-5000 words)
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