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PDBEB course “Neurodegenerative disorders”
April 27 - 30
Organizers: Ana Cristina Rego (a.cristina.rego@gmail.com) and Cláudia MF Pereira (claudia.mf.pereira@gmail.com)
PDBEB course “Neurodegenerative disorders”
April 27-30, 2015

Organizers: Ana Cristina Rego and Cláudia MF Pereira

Daily Programme:

Monday (April 27) – Mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction

9:00-9:30- Presentation of students and speakers. Presentation of student’s assignments.
Ana Cristina Rego and Cláudia MF Pereira

9:30-10:00- Cellular stress response
Cláudia MF Pereira

10:00-10:30- Protein degradation pathways
Henrique Girão

10:30-11:00- Break

11:00-11:30- Excitotoxicity
Ildete Luísa Ferreira

11:30-12:00- Decreased neurotrophic support and neuronal dysfunction
Carlos B. Duarte

12:00-14:00- Lunch

14:00-14:45- Investigating neuronal mitochondrial (dys)function
Jorge Oliveira

14:45-15:15- Free radicals and oxidants in the CNS: mechanisms of signaling and injury
João Laranjinha

15:15-15:30- Break

15:30-16:00- Neuroinflammation
Paula Agostinho

16:00-16:30- Role of neurogenesis in neuropathology
Elisabete Ferreiro

Tuesday (April 28) – Alzheimer s disease (AD)

9:15-10:00- Metabolic dysfunction and diabetes in Alzheimer s disease
Paula Moreira

10:00-10:15- Break

10:15- 11:00- Endoplasmic reticulum stress and Alzheimer s disease
Cláudia MF Pereira

11:00-11:30- Break

11:30-12:15- NMDA receptors and mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer s disease
Ana Cristina Rego

12:15-14:00- Lunch

14:00-14:45- ATP as a danger signal in Alzheimer s disease
Ricardo Rodrigues

14:45-15:30- Genetic basis of dementias – a focus on Alzheimer s disease
Rosário Almeida

15:30-15:45- Break

15:45 -16:45- Translational research in Alzheimer s disease
Catarina Oliveira

Wednesday (April 29) – Movement disorders

9:30-10:15- Molecular basis of Parkinson s disease
Sandra Morais Cardoso

10:15-10:45- Break

10:45- 11:30- LRRK2 regulation of macroautophagy in Parkinson s disease
Raquel Esteves

11:30-12:15- Neurotrophic factors in Parkinson s disease
Graça Baltazar

12:15-14:00- Lunch

14:00-14:45- Machado-Joseph disease: from models to reversibility
Luís P. Almeida

14:45-15:30- Interacting ataxins: from regulated to pathological protein aggregation
Clévio Nóbrega

15:30-15:45- Break

15:45- 16:30- Sirtuins and Huntington s disease
Ana Cristina Rego

Thursday (April 30)

9:30-10:15- PET markers in neurodegenerative diseases
Antero Abrunhosa

10:15-10:30 - Break

10:30-11:00- Multiple-choice examination

11:00-12:30- Paper Presentations (max. 20 min/group)

12:30-13:30- Lunch

13:30-14:30- Seminar: “Mouse and worm models of Machado-Joseph disease: tools for therapy development”
Patrícia Maciel




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