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Metabolic Basis of Human Diseases
June 1 - 5
Organization- The Metabolism Aging and Disease (MAD) Strand of CNC.IBILI

Contact for enrollment- Susana Rocha
Metabolic Basis of Human Diseases
June 1-5 CNC Auditorium.
Organization: The Metabolism Aging and Disease (MAD) Strand of CNC.IBILI
Contact for enrollment- Susana Rocha <srocha@cnc.uc.pt>
June 1
9.30- Measuring metabolic activity with deuterated water
John Jones (CNC)

11.00- Biology of Cell Death in Disease: from Associations to Interactions
Cecília Rodrigues (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon)

14.00 Mitochondria: from structure to function
Elena Ziviani (Univ. Padova, Italy)

15.30- Eat me! Mitochondria morphology and mitophagy in health and disease
Elena Ziviani

June 2
9.30- Tales of Broken Mitochondria: Anthracycline-induced Cardiotoxicity
Paulo Oliveira (CNC)

11.00- Efficient communication between cardiac cells is vital to maintain heart homeostasis
Henrique Girão (IBILI)

14.00- Targeting dysfunctional HDL metabolism to reduce residual cardiovascular risk
Flávio Reis (IBILI)

16.30- Metabolic disorders and mitochondria: the role of genetic mechanisms
Filipe Duarte (CNC)

17.00- Lipotoxicity: Current and future prospects
João Teodoro (CNC)

June 3
9.30- Diabetes-dementia connection: role of mitochondria and insulin signaling
Paula Moreira (CNC)

11.00- Stable isotope assisted metabolic profiling: What pathway to look at?
Karsten Hiller (University of Luxembourg)

14.30- The effects of L-DOPA on the metabolism of a TH-positive neuronal cell model
Sylvie Delcambre (University of Luxembourg)

15.30- Metabolism remodeling as tool to control stem cell pluripotency and differentiation
Sandro Pereira (CNC)

16.00- Studying the effects of Diabetes on Male Reproductive function: Two in vitro approaches
Sandra Amaral (CNC)

June 4
9.30- Hypothalamus as a key regulator of beneficial effects of caloric restriction on aging delay
Cláudia Cavadas (CNC)

11.00- Mitochondrial Adaptations to Physical Exercise
José Magalhães (CIAFEL, Faculdade de Desporto da
Universidade do Porto)

14.00- Exercise or not exercise: this is the brainy question
Frederico Pereira (IBILI)

16.00 A systems perspective on oxidative stress and redox signaling
Armindo Salvador (CNC)

June 5
Student Presentations

Starting 11.00
Students will be assigned papers beforehand and will have to briefly outline possible future research projects based on them. Work can be done individually or in small groups. Please enroll for paper assignment. The Course is open to all, but grades will be given based on this evaluation.
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