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Molecular Neuroscience
October 22 - 26
Ana Luísa Carvalho - alc@cnc.uc.pt, Carlos Duarte, Emília Duarte, Ramiro Almeida

Ph.D. Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine 2012/2013
Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC)
University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

Molecular Neuroscience Course:
From synapse formation to function
October 22nd-26th, 2012

Ana Luísa Carvalho (alc@cnc.uc.pt)
Carlos B. Duarte (cbduarte@ci.uc.pt)
Ramiro D. Almeida (ramirodalmeida@gmail.com)
Emília Duarte (epduarte@cnc.uc.pt)

Lectures and seminars by:

Chinfei Chen
Children´s Hospital, Boston
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA

João Peça
MIT – McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Cambridge, MA, USA &
CNC, University of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal

Michael Ashby
Bristol Neuroscience, University of Bristol, UK

Megan R. Carey
Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme - Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
Lisbon, Portugal

Ana Luísa Carvalho
Carlos B. Duarte
Emília Duarte
CNC & Department of Life Sciences
University of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal

Ramiro D. Almeida
CNC, University of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal

Susana Louros, PDBEB student
Maria Joana Pinto, PDBEB student
Luís F. Ribeiro, PhD student in Biology, UC
Diogo Comprido, Research Assistant, CNC

Monday, October 22nd
9h-9.15h: Structure of the course; Introduction of students and lecturers
9.15h-10.30h: Introduction to Synapses: Structure-Function and Molecular Composition
João Peça PDF 1 (1_Synapse_Stucture_Function)
11h-12.15h: Molecular Triggers of Synapse Formation and Maturation
Ramiro D. Almeida PDF 2 (2_Molecular trigers of synapse formation)
14h-15.15h: Postsynaptic Receptor Function
Ana Luisa Carvalho PDF 3 (3_Receptors)
15.30h-16.45h: Glia cells and synaptic function
Emília Duarte PDF 4 (4_Glial cells and synaptic function_2012)
17.00h-17.30h: Short talk
Regulation of synaptogenesis through local protein synthesis
Maria Joana Pinto

Tuesday, October 23rd
9h-10.15h: Short-term and long-term forms of synaptic plasticity
Chinfei Chen
10.30h-11.45h: Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity: postsynaptic receptor trafficking
Ana Luisa Carvalho PDF 6 (6_Traffic&Plasticity)
14h-15.15h: Synaptic modulation by neurotrophins
Carlos B. Duarte PDF 7 (7_Neurotrophins)
15.30h-16h: Short talk
Regulation of mRNA transport and local protein synthesis by BDNF
Diogo Comprido
16h-16.30h: Short talk
Modulation of hippocampal glutamatergic synapses by the appetite-stimulating hormone Ghrelin
Luís F. Ribeiro

Wednesday, October 24th
9h-10.15h: Synaptic plasticity and sensory experience
Chinfei Chen
10.30h-11.45h: Synaptic plasticity and memory
Ana Luisa Carvalho PDF 9 (9_Plasticity&Memory)
12h-13h: Mechanisms of Developmental Remodeling at a Thalamic Synapse
Chinfei Chen
Free afternoon to work on paper presentations

Thursday, October 25th
10.00h: Seminar by Michael Ashby
How early life sensory experience controls synaptic and circuit maturation in the cortex
11.30h: Seminar by Megan Carey
The cerebellar circuit: from synapse to behavior

14.30h: PhD defense Susana Louros (6th PDBEB edition)
The role of transmembrane AMPA receptor regulatory proteins (TARPs) in synapse remodeling and homeostatic plasticity.

Friday, October 26th
9h-10.15h: Synaptic dysfunction in autism
João Peça

10.30h-12.30h: Paper presentations by students

14h-16h: Paper presentations by students

Student Assignments:

Student Groups:
Group I: Andreia Marques Gomes, Vítor Carmona & Josephine Blersch
Group II: Ivan Salazar, Sofia Ferreira & Cristina Lemos
Group III: Gladys Caldeira, Lara Franco & Mohamed Edfawy Hussien
Group IV: Dina Pereira, Jeannette Schmidt & Ricardo Silva
Group V: Patrícia Sofia Morais, Mariana Botelho da Rocha & Pedro Batista
Group VI: RaviKumar Kapavarapu & Susana Sampaio
Group VII: Sara Oliveira & Janete Cunha Santos

Groups I and II – LTP & learning

PDF (LTP - Learning Discussion.pdf)

PDF1 (Bliss Lomo 1973.pdf.pdf)

PDF2 (Learning induces LTP Bear 2006)

PDF3 (Learning induces LTP Bear 2006.SOM)

PDF4 (Lisman Sanes Lichtman 2003)

PDF5 (Plasticity in vivo Svoboda 2002 SOM)

PDF6 (Plasticity in vivo Svoboda 2002)

PDF7 (Rewiring Svoboda 2004)

PDF8 (Sanes Lichtman 1999)

PDF9 (Spine cluster in vivo Zuo 2012.pdf)

Groups III and IV
– Synaptic vs extrasynaptic NMDA receptors

PDF1 (Hardingham_NatureNeuro_2002.pdf)

PDF2 (Papouin_Cell_2012.pdf)

Group V – Visual deprivation & Intrinsic plasticity

PDF1 (Nataraj_Neuron_2010.pdf)

Group VI – De novo growth of spines

PDF1 (Kwon&Sabatini_Nature_2011.pdf)

Group VII – Local translation and plasticity

PDF1 (Wang et al 2009 Suppl.pdf)

PDF2 (Wang et al 2009.pdf)

Background reading:


Jin & Garner (2008) Molecular Mechanisms of Presynaptic Differentiation. Annu. Rev. Cell Dev. Biol. 24:237–62. PDF1 (Jin&Garner_AnnRevCellDevBiol_2008)

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Short-term plasticity
Fioravante D and Regehr WG. 2011. Short-term forms of presynaptic plasticity. Curr Opin Neurobiol 21:269. PDF3 (Fioravante&Regeher_CurrOpinNeuro_2011.pdf)

Long-term Plasticity
Kerchner GA and Nicoll RA.  2008. Silent synapses and the emergence of a postsynaptic mechanism for LTP.  Nature Reviews, Neuroscience 9: 813-825.PDF4 (Kerschner&Nicoll_NatRevNeuro_2008)

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PDF5 (Feldman_Neuron_2012.pdf)

Turrigiano GG.  2008.  The self-tuning Neurons:  Synaptic Scaling of Excitatory Synapses Cell 135:422
PDF6 (Turrigiano_Cell_2008.pdf)

Synaptic plasticity and receptor traffic
Kessels & Malinow (2009) Synaptic AMPA Receptor Plasticity and Behavior. Neuron 61, 340.
PDF7 (Kessels&Malinow_Neuron_2009.pdf)

Shepherd & Huganir (2007) The Cell Biology of Synaptic Plasticity: AMPA Receptor Trafficking. Ann Rev Cell Dev. Biol. 23:613–43. PDF7 (Kessels&Malinow_Neuron_2009.pdf)
PDF8 (Shepherd&Huganir_AnnRevCellDevBiol_2007.pdf)

Synaptic plasticity and sensory experience
Hooks BM, Chen C.  Critical Periods in the Visual System:  Changing Views for a Model of Experience-Dependent Plasticity.  Neuron 2007; 56: 312-326. PDF9 (Hooks_Neuron_2007.pdf

AL Carvalho, MV Caldeira, SD Santos and CB Duarte (2008) Role of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor at glutamatergic synapses. British J Pharmacol 153, S310–S324 PDF10(Carvalho_BJP_2008.pdf)

Volkmar Leßmann, Tanja Brigadski (2009) Mechanisms, locations, and kinetics of synaptic BDNF secretion: An update. Neuroscience Res 65, 11–22.
PDF11 (Lessmann_NeuroRes_2009.pdf)

Ramocki, M.B., and Zoghbi, H.Y. (2008). Failure of neuronal homeostasis results in common neuropsychiatric phenotypes. Nature 455, 912-918.
PDF12 (Ramocki&Zoghbi_Nature_2008.pdf)



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