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Trends in Molecular Biotechnology
November 12 - 16
(Isaura Simões - isimoes@biocant.pt, Pedro Castanheira)
DATE: 12-16th November 2012
BEB Room

Course Title: Trends in Molecular Biotechnology

Organizers: Isaura Simões (CNC) and Pedro Castanheira (Biocant)
E-mail for contact: isimoes@biocant.pt
Brief outline:

The aim of this course is to provide the students with the current trends in Molecular Biotechnology. This area of research integrates different biological technologies and has a tremendous impact on both basic and applied research in biotechnology, in areas as diverse as human health, plant and animal agriculture or environment.
In this course, particular emphasis will be given to high throughput (HTP) sequencing methods and applications, gene expression systems, protein expression and purification strategies, HTP protein technologies, new technologies of engineering and identifying new protein activities. Examples of translation into market will be highlighted with the participation of biotechnology startup companies.
Topics to be covered:
The course will focus on next-generation sequencing methods and applications, gene expression systems (ranging from E. coli to eukaryotic systems), alternative cloning methods such as FX cloning and SLIC, protein expression and purification strategies (including Tags, vectors and strains) and HTP protein technologies like Split GFP, ESPRIT and CO-ESPRIT approaches. New technologies of directed evolution of proteins including phage display and ribosome display will also be focused. Emphasis will also be given to Enzyme Discovery, Metagenomics, Engineering and Optimization as well as Producer microorganisms/Designer Bugs. The contribution of biotech companies will emphasize different applications in this vast area of research.

Lecturers and Companies:

Dr. Conceição Egas, Advanced Services Unit, Biocant, Portugal
Dr. Darren Hart, High-throughput protein technologies, EMBL Grenoble, France
Dr. Juergen Eck, Vorstand / CTO, B.R.A.I.N Aktiengesellschaft D-64673 Zwingenberg
Dr. Isaura Simões, CNC, Portugal
Companies: Hitag Biotechnology, Lda; Cynara, Lda.
Duration of the course: 5 days

MONDAY (12th Nov)
9.30-10.00h - Brief outline of the course; Presentation of students; Evaluation criteria/students assignments;
10.15-11.00h - Next Generation DNA Sequencing – second and third generation technologies; (Conceição Egas, Biocant, Portugal)
11.00-11.30h – Break
11.30-12.15h - Next Generation Sequencing – Data analysis and applications;
(Conceição Egas, Biocant, Portugal)
12.15-14.00h – Lunch
14.00-16.00h – Hands-on session: Metagenomics and functional annotation: analysis of metagenomic datasets.
(Conceição Egas, Biocant, Portugal)
Students should bring their laptops for the hands-on session.

TUESDAY (13th Nov)
09.30-10.45h - Protein Expression Systems;
(Isaura Simões, CNC, Portugal)
10.45-11.15h - Break
11.15-12.30h - Protein expression and purification I: Cloning strategies (FX, SLIC, Gibson);
(Isaura Simões, CNC, Portugal)
12.30-14.00h - Lunch
14.00-15.30h - Protein Expression and purification II: Tags/Solubility /strains/vectors
(Isaura Simões, CNC, Portugal)
15.30-16.00h - Break
16.00-17.30h - From bench to market.
Invited biotech startup companies: Hitag Biotechnology, Lda (André Almeida) & Cynara, Lda. (Carla Almeida)

WEDNESDAY (14th Nov)
09.30-10.30h - Random library methods in structural biology;
(Darren Hart, EMBL Grenoble, France)
10.30-11.00h - Break
11.00-12.00h - Directed evolution of proteins;
(Darren Hart, EMBL Grenoble, France)
12.00-14.30h - Lunch
14.30-15.30hPublic Seminar (CNC Auditorium):
“Adaptation of Bird Flu to Humans via Mutations of the RNA Polymerase” (Darren Hart, EMBL Grenoble, France)

THURSDAY (15th Nov)
10.00-11.30h - Enzyme Discovery, Metagenomics, Engineering and Optimization
(Juergen Eck, B.R.A.I.N, Zwingenberg, Germany)
11.30-15.00h - Free time to work on the presentations
15.00-16.30h - Producer microorganisms/Designer Bugs
(Juergen Eck, B.R.A.I.N, Zwingenberg, Germany)

FRIDAY (16th Nov)
11.00-11.30h - Visit to Biocant
11.30-12.30h - Public Seminar (Biocant, Cantanhede):
“Industrial “white” Biotechnology: From Biodiversity to “Designer Bugs”
(Juergen Eck, B.R.A.I.N, Zwingenberg, Germany)
12.30-14.30h – Lunch
14.30-18.00h - The 6-Slide Idea Pitch (Students Evaluation)

Each group (2 students) will have 15 minutes to present and defend their projects (7 minutes for presentation +  8 minutes Q&A).

Students will be evaluated by their performance in “The 6-Slide Idea Pitch”. Students will have to convince the audience (in 6 slides) with an idea of a project where they propose the application of some of the tools/strategies/methodologies learned during the course.
Supporting literature and information can be found at www.x-prot.com/BEBs/
List of participants and Working Groups

BEB Students:
Andreia Marques Gomes
Dina M.ª Silva Pereira
Gladys Tarcila Caldeira
Ivan Lalanda Salazar
Jeannette Schmidt
Lara Oliveira Franco
Mohamed Edfawy Hussien
Patrícia Sofia Alçada Morais
RaviKumar Kapavarapu
Sofia Alexandra Ferreira
Sara Raquel Reis Oliveira
Susana Filipa Sampaio

Non-BEB Students:
Paulo Barracosa
Catarina Mendes Morais
Elda Bonifácio
Pedro Ferraz Gameiro
Tânia de Jesus Travassos Leandro
Josephine Blersch
Ana Filipa B. Ferreira (mestrado MIB)
Joana R. Pedro

Groups for “The 6 Slide Idea Pitch”:
1. Andreia Marques Gomes/ Joana R. Pedro
2. Dina M.ª Silva Pereira/ Ana Filipa B. Ferreira
3. Gladys Tarcila Caldeira/ Josephine Blersch
4. Ivan Lalanda Salazar/ Tânia de Jesus Travassos Leandro
5. Jeannette Schmidt/ Pedro Ferraz Gameiro
6. Lara Oliveira Franco/ Elda Bonifácio
7. Mohamed Edfawy Hussien/ Catarina Mendes Morais
8. Patrícia Sofia Alçada Morais / Paulo Barracosa
9. RaviKumar Kapavarapu/ Susana Filipa Sampaio
10. Sofia Alexandra Ferreira/ Sara Raquel Reis Oliveira


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