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December 19 - 20
CNC Meeting
December 19-20, 2011
Central Unit Auditorium - Polo III


December 19th, 2011

08h30    Registration
09h30    Official Opening
Catarina Resende de Oliveira [CNC President] - João Ramalho-Santos [Meeting Organizer]
10h00    “Arsélio Pato de Carvalho - Evocação de um percurso científico”
Catarina Resende de Oliveira, Euclides Pires, Carlos B. Duarte, Emília P. Duarte, João Ramalho-Santos, Arsélio  P. Carvalho
11h30    Coffee Break

SESSION 1 – Microbiology and Pathogens (Chairpersons: Nuno Empadinhas, Teresa Gonçalves)

12h00    Luís França - Microbial diversity of groundwaters and bottled natural mineral waters
12h20    Chantal Fernandes - Alternaria infectoria response to caspofungi: modulation of B(1,3)-glucan synthase and chitin synthase genes expression and cell wall components glucan and chitin
12h40    Ângela Inácio - In vitro surfactant structure-toxicity relationships: implications for surfactant use in prophylaxis of sexually transmitted infection    
13h00    Lunch (Faculty of Pharmacy Hall)

SESSION 2 – Molecular Biotechnology (Chairpersons: João Nuno Moreira, Lino Ferreira)

14h50    Renata Gomes - Nanoparticles for simultaneous cell tracking and microRNA delivery
15h10    Sónia Duarte - Efficient gene delivery and potent antitumoral activity in vitro and in vivo mediated by a new FA-associated formulation
15h30    Ana Sofia Leal - New ursolic acid derivatives with antitumor activity
15h50    Márcio José Rodrigues - Pharmacokinetic herb-drug interactions: Fucus vesiculosus extract and amiodarone
16h10    Coffee Break

SESSION 3 – Toxicology and Oncobiology (Chairpersons: Anabela Rolo, Paulo Oliveira)

16h40    Ana Gomes - Potential role for SIRT1 preventing mitochondrial dysfunction by maintaining the balance between nuclear and mitochondrial ETC components
17h00    Mariana Ribeiro - The combination of retinoic acid with antiestrogens is a promising approach for melanoma treatment
17h20    Carlos Rodrigues - Hexavalent chromium and cancer stem cells: a view to a kill!
17h40    Carlos A. Melo - p53 dependent enhancer RNAs

SESSION 4 – Metabolism (Chairpersons: Eugénia Carvalho, John Jones)

18h00    Ermelindo Leal - Neurotensin improves diabetic wound healing via inducible nitric oxide synthase - (BEB Alumni)
18h20    João A. G. Duarte - Role of cytosolic PEPCK in glycerol, fatty acid and cholesterol metabolism
18h40    Alexandra Amaral - Human sperm tail proteome suggests new metabolic pathways
20h00    Dinner (Restaurante República da Saudade, “Rotunda da Fucoli”, Circular Externa)
December 20th, 2011

SESSION 5 – Neuroscience I (Chairpersons: Attila Köfalvi, Paula Agostinho)

09h00    Henrique Silva - Brain preconditioning is due to an adenosine A1 receptor bolstering of mitochondrial function in GABAergic neurons - (CNC Hire)
09h20    Catarina Gomes - Adenosine A2A receptor modulation of neuroinflammation – is there a role for neurotrophic factors?
09h40    Sílvia Viana da Silva - Pathophysiology of hippocampal mossy fiber in Alzheimer s disease
10h00    Samira G. Ferreira - Presynaptic A2A adenosine receptors control endocannabinoid signaling at corticostriatal terminals
10h20    Coffee Break

SESSION 6 – Neuroscience II (Chairpersons: Ana Luísa Carvalho, Carlos Duarte)

10h50    Ana Rita Santos - The ubiquitin-proteasome system is regulated by BDNF at hippocampal synapses
11h10    Ramiro Almeida - Regulation of intra-axonal mRNA translation in neuronal development - (CNC Hire)
11h30    Miranda Mele - Changes in GABAA receptor expression in in vitro brain ischemia
11h50    João Peça - Genetic and optogenetic engineering to manipulate and probe neuronal circuits and behavior - (BEB Alumni)
12h10    Ana Raquel Martins - Noradrenergic gating of long-term cortical synaptic plasticity
12h30    Joana Barbosa - Characterization of a new zebrafish line derived from a gene-trap screen: a tool to study neurogenesis
12h50    Lunch (Faculty of Pharmacy Hall)

SESSION 7 – Neuroscience III (Chairpersons: Cristina Rego, Paula Moreira)

14h30    Ana Silva - Characterization of SVZ-derived neural stem precursor cells from early and late symptomatic YAC128 Huntington’s disease mice
14h50    Ana Santos-Carvalho - The putative application of neuroprotective strategies with NPY and replacement therapy with induced pluripotent stem cells in retinal diseases
15h10    Sónia C. Correia - Mitochondrial preconditioning-triggered neuroprotection: a potential therapeutic strategy against Alzheimer’s disease-associated neurodegeneration
15h30    Pedro Réu - Neurogenesis in the adult human dentate gyrus assessed by 14C dating and phylogenetic fate mapping
15h50     José Miguel Brás - Use of Novel Genomic Technologies top Dissect Neurological Didease: Parkinson’s Disease as an example
16h10    Coffee Break

SESSION 8 – Structural and Systems Biology (Chairpersons: Armindo Salvador, Rui Brito)

16h40    Elsa Henriques - Modeling of the Toll-like receptor 3 and its putative antagonist encoded by the African swine fever virus - (CNC Hire)
17h00    Catarina S.H. Jesus - The role of refolding kinetics on transthyretin amyloidosis
17h20    João M.C. Teixeira - Lanthanides binding CLaNP-5.2 for NMR of proteins: exploiting PCS and RDCs in MMP-1 internal dynamics
17h40    Alexandre Martins - Wikimodels: a collaborative platform for the development of biochemical models

SESSION 9 (Chairperson: João Ramalho-Santos)

18h00    Showing of the movie “The PHD Movie”, based on the “PhD Comics” strip
19h00    Concluding remarks


After Meeting - [Informal presentations by second year BEB students]
BEB Room (CNC – 1st floor, Faculty of Medicine, Pólo I)
December 21st, 2011

09h00    Ana Gregório - Therapeutic activity of a targeted drug delivery approach on tumor metastasization
09h30    Ângela Valério Fernandes - Therapeitic impact of targeted drug delivery to the tumor microenvironment in resistant human lung cancer
10h00    Carla  Lopes - Characterization of human induced pluripotent stem cells derived from Huntington’s disease patients
10h30    Sofia Ribeiro - Programming carbon substrate utilization in the brain: a role for BAD
11h00    Rodrigo Santos - The role of Mbd3/ NuRD complex in somatic cell reprogramming
11h30    Joana Vindeirinho - Uncovering the neuroprotective role of adenosine in diabetic retinopathy
12h00    Mª Joana Pinto - Role of local proteasome-mediated protein degradation in presynaptic differentiation
12h30    Lunch
14h30    Pedro Gouveia - CardioKit
15h00    Carla Paiva - Unraveling the metabolism of human sperm
15h30    Fátima Martins - Involvement of nitric oxide in the regulation of hepatic insulin clearance and β-cell sensitivity
16h00    Rui Benfeitas - Relating design and function in antioxidant protection
16h30    Sonya Costa - New therapeutical targets and approaches for Human African Trypanosomiasis
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