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System Neurosciences + Optogenetics
October 10 - 14
Core CNC Neuroscience Courses, Offered to the European Neuroscience Campus (ENC)

Rodrigo Cunha, Ramiro Almeida, Henrique Silva

PDBEB-ENC programme
(Organised by: Rodrigo A. Cunha, Henrique Silva, Ramiro Almeida)

This 3 days course aims at providing a general outlook of the organization of different brain areas to process in an integrative manner the main function studied by System Neuroscience, namely sensing the external world, sensing the internal world (pain processing as an example), motor actions, memory and mood encoding. Given the introductory nature of this module, it will consist of plenary lectures, hopefully interactive with the students. The time schedule of activities is also set to leave sufficient time for self research to allow preparation of a short research project, which presentation and discussion will be the basis for the evaluation of performance. This module will be completed by a hot topic on optogenetic manipulation of brain function.

Rodrigo A. Cunha (CNC, FMUC),
Vasco Galhardo (FMUP),
Rui Prediger (CNC, UFSC, Brasil),
Huibert Mansvelder (Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Course schedule:

1st day (Monday, 10th October):
9.00-9.30h: Presentation of the module; aims and purpose of the evaluation
9.30-10.15h: How to chose a PhD project?
10.30-12.00h: Key problems of System Neurosciences: multiple solution and non-existent means
14.00-16.30h: Sensory systems
16.30-18.30h: preparation of the research proposal

2nd day (Tuesday 11th October):
9.30-12.00h: Motor actions
14.00-16.00h: Pain processing and sensation
16.30-18.30h: preparation of the research proposal
3rd day (Wednesday 12th October):
14.00-16.30h: Memory processing
16.30-18.30h: preparation of the research proposal

4th day (Thurday 13th October):
9.30-12.00h: preparation of the research proposal
13.00-17.00h: presentation of the projects (5 groups of 3, 15 min presentation + 30 min discussion)

5th day (Monday 17th October)
9.00-10.30h: What is optogenetics?
10.30-12-30h: State of the art and current challenges in optogenetics
14.00-16.30h: Optogenetic manipulation of cholinergic neurons in memory processing

Recommend bibliography (available throughout the course):
Greenstein & Greenstein, Color Atlas of Neuroscience
Kandel et al., Essentials of Neural Science and Behavior
Kolb & Whishaw, An Introduction to Brain and Behavior
Purves et al., Neuroscience
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