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December 20 - 21
December 20th and 21st, 2010

r 20th 2010


08.30: Registration


Session I – Developmental Biology - Chairpersons: João Ramalho-Santos;  Sukalyan Chatterjee

09.30: Joana Marinho - Drosophila viriato/nol12 is a dmyc target that regulates nucleolar architecture and is required for dmyc-stimulated cell growth

09.50: Filipe Leal - Regulation of the formation of microtubule organizing centers

10.10: Sofia Menezes-Cabral - Expansion dynamics: histoblasts at work

10.30: Ana Sofia Azevedo - Patterning and positional information in a regenerating fin


10.50‐11.20: Coffee Break


Session II – Pluripotent Stem Cells - Chairpersons: Lino Ferreira; Inês Araújo

11.20: Ana Sofia Rodrigues - Mitochondria in pluripotent stem cells: where do induced pluripotent stem cells stand?

11.40: Beatriz Lacerda - Transcriptional regulation of stem cell pluripotency

12.00: Helena Vazão - Towards the maturation and characterization of smooth muscle cells derived from human embryonic stem cells

12.20: Official Opening  

Catarina Resende de Oliveira [CNC President]; João  Ramalho-Santos [Meeting Organizer].

With the Presence of Representatives from the University of Coimbra (IBILI, III, FCTUC, FFUC, FMUC), HUC and FCT


13.00‐14.30: Lunch


Session III – Molecular Medicine - Chairpersons: Luís Pereira de Almeida; João Nuno Moreira

14.30: Lígia Silva - Design of ligand-mediated targeted nanocarriers for siRNA delivery 

14.50: Sara Figueiredo - Innovate platforms for mri based applications Innovative platforms for mri based applications Innovative platforms for mri based applications Blockade of Adenosine A2A RECEPTORS PREVENTS IL1β ASSOCIATED NEURONAL TOXICITY Innovative platforms for mri based applications


15.10: Nélio Gonçalves - Pharmacological antagonism or genetic deletion of adenosine A2A receptors delay neurodegeneration in a lentiviral mouse model of Machado-Joseph disease

15.30: Ana Teresa Simões - Calpain-mediated proteolysis promotes mutant ataxin-3 translocation to the nucleus and neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Machado-Joseph disease


15.50‐16.20: Coffee Break


Session IV – Neuroscience I - Chairpersons: Ana Luísa Carvalho; Cláudia Cavadas

16.20: Sueli Marques - An epigenetic perspective into Alzheimer´s disease

16.40: Rui Costa - Alzheimer´s disease-associated amyloid-β peptide oligomers induce endoplasmic reticulum stress through n-methyl-d-aspartate receptors in hippocampal neurons


17.00: Lígia Sousa-Ferreira - Modulation of neuropeptide Y in the adult hypothalamus and hypothalamic neurospheres–role on feeding behaviour

17.20: Raquel Ferreira - Neuropeptide y modulates interleukin-1 beta (il-1) induced microglia activation

17.40: Sandra Santos (BEB Alumni) - Beyond a BEB PhD – What we have learned from studying the multiple roles of the cell adhesion molecule Caspr1 at excitatory synapses

20.00: Dinner at  “O Porquinho” Restaurant (GPS: N 40º 21 4,09  , W 7º 51  10,07)  

December 21st 2010


Session V ‐ Neuroscience II - Chairpersons: Cristina Rego; Rodrigo Cunha

09.00: João Noutel Santos - A role for MeCP2 in experience-dependent synaptic plasticity

Stressing out Decisions

09.20: Susana Louros - TARPs and synaptic plasticity

09.40: Tatiana Catarino - Cortactin acetylation regulates synapse maturationThe Olfactory Bulb Network as Functional Unit for Odor Processing


10.00-10.30: Coffee Break




10.15-10.45- Coffee Break

Session VI ‐ Immunology and Oncobiology - Chairpersons: Margarida Carneiro; Rosário Almeida

10.30: Luís Rodrigues - Epidemiological and pharmacogenomic approach to lung cancer: contribution of MMP12 polymorphisms

10.50: Diana Carvalho - Identification of intragenic copy number alterations and fusion genes in paediatric high grade glioma

11.10: Helena Carvalheiro - Alterations in CD8+ T cell subsets in synovial fluid and peripheral blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis


11.30-11.50: Break


Session V - Microbiology - Chairpersons: Nuno Empadinhas; Otília Vieira

11.50: Joana Costa (BEB Alumni) - Legionella pneumophila population genetics and correlation with virulence traits

12.10: Igor Tiago - Microbial diversity in a low saline alkaline environment

12.30: António Barroso - The role of mycobacterial glycolipid manlam in the immune response and vaccine efficacy of the BCG


12.50‐14.00: Lunch


Session VIII – Pharmacology, Toxicology and Metabolism - Chairpersons: João Laranjinha; John Jones

14.10: Renata Silva (CNC Hire) - Optimization methods for the analysis of the moiety-transfer cycle performance

14.30: Joana Barra - Hepatic glutamine 2H-enrichment from 2H2O in an animal model of cardiac cachexia

Mitochondrial fusion is an early and protective step of autophagy

14.50: Gonçalo Pereira - In vivo treatment with doxorubicin induces distinct mitochondrial alterations in Wistar rats. Comparison between acute vs sub-chronic treatment

15.10: Bárbara Rocha - Nitration of pepsinogen in vivo under acute gastric inflammation: dietary nitrate as a key modulator of nitration in the stomach

15.30: Ana Cristina Fortuna - Development of in vitro models for prediction of human drug absorption


15.50‐16.20: Coffee Break


16.20: Manuela Grazina - CNC Reference Laboratory


16.40‐16.50: Break


Session IX - Science Communication at the CNC - Chairpersons: Catarina Oliveira; João Ramalho-Santos; Teresa Girão

16.50: Teresa Girão - Walking a line. Science dissemination vs. institutional marketing

17.10: Companhia de Teatro MARIONET - Sobre o espaço e o cérebro

17.40: Euclides Pires [CNC Vice-President] - Concluding remarks


After Meeting (Informal Presentations of Second Year BEB students) FMUC, BEB Room and CNC Auditorium


December 22nd 2010

BEB Room


09.30: Carolina Moreira - Cellular and mitochondrial interactions of phytoestrogens – role in menopause and breast cancer (Local supervisor: M.ª Sancha Santos/Vilma Sardão)

10.00: Ângela Crespo - Decidual natural Killer cells in the maternal-fetal interface: Interaction of decidual NKcells with HLA-C, HLA and HLA-G

10.30: Helena Leitão - MR biomarkers in nafld: what´s new? (Local supervisor: Carlos Geraldes)

11.00: Humberto Ferreira- Epigenetic regulation of snornas in cancer (Local supervisor: Celeste Lopes)

11.30: Marília Cordeiro - Unraveling the dynamic of the ovary (Local supervisor: João Ramalho)

12.00: Ana Luísa Pinho - Musical creativity and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (Local supervisor: Miguel Castelo-Branco)

12.30: Paula Banca - The neural correlates of impaired cognitive control in obsessive-compulsive disorder (Local supervisor: Miguel Castelo-Branco)


CNC Auditorium


09.30: Raquel Martins - Cortical Synaptic plasticity and Noradrenergic modulation (Local supervisor: Carlos Duarte)


10.00: Patrícia Monteiro -Sapap3 implications in synaptic and basal ganglia circuitry dysfunction in compulsive and repetitive behavior (Local supervisor: Carlos Duarte)

10.30: Miranda Mele - GabaA receptor expression in in-vitro brain ischemia (Local supervisor: Carlos Duarte)

11.00: Cláudio Roque - The translationally controlled tumour protein and axon guidance (Local supervisor: Carlos Duarte)


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