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Functional Genomics
April 17 - 21
Coordinators: Paulo Santos and Stephen Bustin

Jo Vandesompele (MD, PhD)
Center for Medical Genetics Ghent (CMGG); Ghent University Hospital, Medical Research Building (MRB), 2nd floor, room 120.055 De Pintelaan 185, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium. Phone: +32 9 240 5187; Fax: +32 9 240 6549.
Katja Kotsch (MD, PhD)
Institute of Medical Immunology, Universitätsmedizin Charité, Schumannstrasse 20/21, D-10117 Berlin, Germany. Phone +49 30 450524357 Fax +49 30 450524907.
Molecular Biology Unit, Microbiology Service, Hospital Geral de Santo António, R. D. Manuel II, 4099-001 Porto.
Center for Histocompatiblity of the Centre, Coimbra
Barts and the London Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London
This course will focus on Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and quantitative gene expression using real-time PCR (qPCR) analysis applied to oncobiology, clinical transplantation and microbiology. The course aimed at discussing the impact of different strategies for nucleic acid extraction, purification, reverse transcription and quantification on molecular analysis in human disease and experimental models. Special attention will be dedicated to application of bioinformatics tools for data analysis in biomedical sciences.
Lectures (two per morning)
Laser Capture Microdissection: basic principles and biomedical applications
Real-time PCR: principles and quantification strategies
Template preparation for real-time PCR analysis: problems and solutions
Accurate gene expression profiling facing the issues of normalization and efficiency
Tools for normalisation and data analysis
Gene expression profile in colon cancer
Gene expression profile in clinical transplantation
Real-time PCR in microbiology
Experimental sessions (afternoons)
From tissue samples to relative gene expression profile and absolute quantification
(practical examples in oncobiology, clinical transplantation and microbiology)
Seminar (Friday 16:00)
Combining Laser Capture Microdissection and real-time PCR analysis for biomedical research
Publications of invited speakers
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