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Molecular Cell Biology
November 12 - 16
Carlos Duarte, Edgar R. Gomes

Lecturers: IBILI Auditorium
Edgar R. Gomes
U. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Phong Tran
U. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia USA &
Institut Curie,
Ewa Paluch
MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany &
Helder Maiato
IBMC, U. do Porto,
Monday (Nov 12)
10:30-12 – A tale of three filaments (part I) (Edgar)

11:30 – Lunch break

13:15 - A tale of three filaments (part II) (Edgar)
14:45 – Break
15:15 – Imaging in Cell Biology (part I) (Phong)
16:15 – Break
16:30 - Imaging in Cell Biology (part II) (Phong)
Tuesday (Nov 13)

 9:00 – Cell Migration I (Edgar)
10:00 – Break
10:30 – Cell Migration II (Edgar)

11:30 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Journal Club

Paper 1:

Janson ME, Loughlin R, Loiodice I, Fu C, Brunner D, Nedelec FJ, Tran PT (2007). Crosslinkers and motors organize dynamic microtubules to form stable bipolar arrays in fission yeast. Cell 128, 357-68. (selected by Phong Tran) (Students presenting: Ana Sofia Cabral, Ângela Inácio)

Paper 2:
Froylan Calderon de Anda et al. (2005) Centrosome localization determines neuronal polarity. Nature. 436, 704-708.

C G Dotti and G Banker (1991) Intracellular organization of hippocampal neurons during the development of neuronal polarity. J. Cell Sci. Suppl. 15, 75-84. (Selected by Edgar Gomes) (Students presenting: Ana Sofia Azevedo, Lígia Silva)
Wednesday (Nov 14)

9:00 – Journal Club:

Paper 3:

Kovar DR, Pollard TD. (2004) Insertional assembly of actin filament barbed ends in association with formins produces piconewton forces. PNAS 101, 14725-30. (selected by Phong Tran) (Students presenting: Filipe Sousa Leal, Sueli Marques)

10:00 – Break
10:30 – Mitosis I (Helder)

12:00 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Mitosis II (Helder)
15:30 – Journal Club

Paper 4:

Tarun M Kapoor et al. (2006) Chromosomes can congress to the metaphase plate before biorientation. Science. 311, 388-391.

A Khodjakov et al (1997) Chromosome fragments possessing only one kinetochore can congress to the spindle equator. J. Cell Biology. 136, 229-240. (Selected by Helder Maiato)
(Students presenting: Gil Cunha, Joana Marinho)
Thursday (Nov 15)
9:30 – Cytokinesis (Ewa)
10:30 – Break
10:45 – Polarization and Symmetry breaking (Ewa)

12:00 Lunch Break


Paper 5:

Bringmann H, Hyman AA. A cytokinesis furrow is positioned by two consecutive signals. Nature  436:731-734, 2005 (selected by Ewa Paluch) (Students presenting: Sara Figueiredo)

Paper 6:
Svetlana Mukhina, Yu-li Wang, and Maki Murata-Hori. α-Actinin Is Required for Tightly Regulated Remodeling of the Actin Cortical Network during Cytokinesis Developmental Cell 13:554-565, 2007 (selected by Ewa Paluch) (Students presenting: João Noutel, Susana Louros)

20:00 – “official” course dinner.
Supplementary Background Readings
 “The Cytoskeleton”, Chapter 16, Molecular Biology of the Cell,Cellular Motility Driven by Assembly and Disassembly of Actin Filaments. Cell 112 (4), 453 (2003)

Siegrist SE, Doe CQ. (2007).
Microtubule-induced cortical cell polarity. Genes Dev 21, 483-96.

David R. Burgess and Fred Chang. Site selection for the cleavage furrow at cytokinesis
Trends in Cell Biology 15:156-162, 2005

Myrto Raftopoulou and Alan Hall (2004) Cell migration: Rho GTPases lead the way. Dev Biol 265, 23-32.

Gregg G. Gundersen (2002) Evolutionary conservation of
microtubule-capture mechanisms
. Nature Rev Mol Cell Biol 3, 6-14.
  Fourth Edition, by Bruce Alberts et al.

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