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Biomedical Imaging and Metabolism
March 3 - 6
Carlos Geraldes, Margarida Castro, Rui Carvalho, John Jones

-----PhD. Course: “Biomedical Magnetic Resonance: Molecular Imaging and Metabolism”
-----Area:   New techniques in Biomedicine
-----Duration: 3- 6 March 2009

-----Coordinators:  Carlos Geraldes, Margarida Castro, Rui Carvalho, John Jones
                                   (CNC, Coimbra)
-------------------Peter Rinck  - EMRF Foundation, Sophia Antipolis, France
------------------ Robert Muller - Faculty of Medicine, University of University of Mons, Belgium
-------------------Ursula Sonnewald - Faculty of Medicine, University of  Trondheim, Norway
-------------------Bernardo Celda Muñoz, Ph.D. - Department of Chemistry, Universitat de Valencia, Spain
-------------------Carlos F. Geraldes, Ph.D. - Department of Biochemistry, FCT, University of Coimbra

Course Schedule

Tuesday March 3:     
Introduction to MRS, MRI and contrast agents

9.00 -10.30 h: Introduction to Biomedical NMR Spectroscopy: basic parameters and their information content
Carlos F. Geraldes

11.00-12.30 h: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Peter Rinck

14.30-15.30 h: MRI Contrast and Contrast Agents
Robert Muller

16.00-19.30 h: Analysis and discussion of papers by the students

Wednesday March 4:
Clinical MRI contrast agents and Molecular Imaging

9.00 -10.00 h: Basics and Routine Medical Applications of MRI Contrast Agents
Peter Rinck

10.30-11.30 h : The use of nanosciences in the development of contrast agents for Molecular Imaging using MRI and multimodal approaches
Robert Muller

14.30-18.00 h: Analysis and discussion of papers by the students

Thursday March 5:  
NMR methodologies for metabolic studies

9.00 -10.00 h: Introduction to NMR tracers in metabolism  
Ursula Sonnewald

10.30-11.30 h: The use of NMR tracers in brain metabolism in health and disease
Ursula Sonnewald

14.30-18.00 h: Analysis and discussion of papers by the students

Friday March 6:            
Tumor metabonomics

9.00-10.00 h: Brain and liver tissue metabolite profiles by in vivo NMR
Bernardo Celda
10.30-11.30 h: Brain tumour and liver diffuse pathologies classification by HR-MAS
Bernardo Celda

16.00-17.30 h: Brain tumour diagnosis, prognosis and treatment selection by combined use of in vivo molecular imaging and in vivo and ex vivo metabolic average profiles and genomic data. FP6 eTUMOUR project
Bernardo Celda

Invited lecturers

1. Professor Peter A. Rinck, MD, PhD
EMRF Foundation
World Trade Center, BP 255
1300, route des Crêtes
FR-06905 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
email: peter.rinck@emrf.org


Rinck PA: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. The Basic Textbook of the European  Magnetic Resonance Forum. 5th edition. Berlin: ABW Publishers, 2003.
Rinck PA: Ressonância Magnética. O Livro-Texto do European Magnetic Resonance Forum. 5ª Edição. São Paulo: Santo / Rio de Janeiro: Revinter, 2004.


2. Prof. Robert N. Muller, PhD
NMR and Molecular Imaging Laboratory
Department of Organic Chemistry
Faculty of Medicine
University of Mons-Hainaut
7000 Mons, Belgium
e.mail: Robert.Muller@umh.ac.be

3 Papers:

1) Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Inflammation With a Specific Selectin-Targeted Contrast Agent
Sébastien Boutry, Carmen Burtea, Sophie Laurent, Gérard Toubeau, Luce Vander Elst, and Robert N. Muller
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 53, 800–807 (2005)

2) Molecular imaging of avb3 integrin expression in atherosclerotic plaques with a mimetic of RGD peptide grafted to Gd-DTPA
Carmen Burtea1, Sophie Laurent1, Oltea Murariu1, Dirk Rattat2, Ge´rard Toubeau3,
Alfons Verbruggen, David Vansthertem, Luce Vander Elst, and Robert N. Muller
Cardiovascular Research, in press (2009) doi:10.1093/cvr/cvm115

3) Potential amyloid plaque-specific peptides for the diagnosis of
Alzheimer’s disease
Lionel Larbanoix, Carmen Burtea, Sophie Laurent, Fred Van Leuven, Gérard Toubeau, Luce Vander Elst, Robert N. Muller
Neurobiology of Aging, in press (2009)

3. Prof. Ursula Sonnewald, PhD  
Instituttleder INM
NTNU - Institutt for nevromedisin
MTFS, NO - 7489 Trondheim
Chairman, Department of Neuroscience
NTNU - Faculty of Medicine
MTFS, NO-7489 Trondheim, Norway
e.mail: ursula.sonnewald@ntnu.no

3 Papers:

1) Exogenous glutamate concentration regulates the metabolic fate of glutamate in astrocytes
M.C. McKenna, U. Sonnewald, X. Huang, J. Stevenson, H.R. Zielke,
J. Neurochem. 66, 386-393 (1996)

2) Metabolic Compartmentation in Cortical Synaptosomes: Influence of Glucose and Preferential Incorporation of Endogenous Glutamate into GABA
Ursula Sonnewald and Mary McKenna
Neurochemical Research, 27, 43–50 (2002)

3) Neuronal–glial interactions in rats fed a ketogenic diet
Torun Margareta Melø, Astrid Nehlig, Ursula Sonnewald
Neurochemistry International, 48, 498–507 (2006).

4. Prof. Bernardo Celda, PhD  
Department of Physical Chemistry
Laboratory of Molecular Imaging (UCIM/SCSIE)
Universitat de Valencia

c/Dr. Moliner,50 46100-Burjassot (Valencia)- Spain and
CIBER Bioengineering,
Biomaterials and Nanomedicine,
UVEG, Valencia
e.mail: bernardo.celda@uv.es

3 Papers:

1) 1H and 13C HR-MAS spectroscopy of intact biopsy samples ex vivo and in vivo 1H MRS study of human high grade gliomas
M. Carmen Martínez-Bisbal, Luis Martí-Bonmatí, José Piquer, Antonio Revert, Pilar Ferrer, José L. Llácer, Martial Piotto, Olivier Assemat and Bernardo Celda
NMR Biomed. 17, 191–205 (2004)

2) Determination of metabolite concentrations in human brain tumour biopsy samples using HR-MAS and ERETIC measurements
M. Carmen Martínez-Bisbal, Daniel Monleonc, Olivier Assematd, Martial Piotto, José Piquer, José Luis Llácere and Bernardo Celda
NMR Biomed., in press (www.interscience.wiley.com) DOI:10.1002/nbm.1304

3) Metabolite identification in human liver needle biopsies by high-resolution magic angle spinning 1H NMR spectroscopy
Beatriz Martínez-Granados, Daniel Monleón, M. Carmen Martínez-Bisbal, José Manuel Rodrigo, Juan del Olmo, Paloma Lluch, Antonio Ferrández, Luis Martí-Bonmatí and Bernardo Celda
NMR Biomed. 19, 90–100 (2006)

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