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Vascular Physiology
February 25 - 27
João Laranjinha, Giovanni Mann, Paul Frazer
Coordinators: Giovanni Mann, Paul Frazer and João Laranjinha
Giovanni Mann (Kings College, London, Dean Graduate Studies)
Paul Frazer (Kings College, London)
Philip Aaronson (British Heart Foundation)
Jeremy Pearson (British Heart Foundation & Kings College)
Vascular Physiology”
Day 1 & Day 2
Endothelial Regulation of Vascular Tone - Nitric oxide
Endothelial derived relaxing factor, Pulmonary hypoxic vasoconstriction
Day 3
Capillary permeability
Day 4
Leukocyte endothelial interaction
Day 5
The format would be to have one or perhaps two lectures in the early morning followed by a lengthy session of powerpoint presentations by the students of selected original papers. Each student will present 2 papers over the 5 days, and each paper will be followed by a student-led discussion session.
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