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PDBEB Courses 2020/2021 - Connecting Researchers with the Society @ CNC
May 10 - 14
Coordinator: Sara Varela Amaral - sara.amaral@cnc.uc.pt
CNC Advanced Courses 2021

Doctoral Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine (PDBEB)
Connecting Researchers  with Society 

May 10 - 14, 2021

Zoom Link: here

Sara Varela Amaral - sara.amaral@cnc.uc.pt 


Monday - May 10

9h: Presentation, Sara Varela Amaral (CNC)
9h30-10h30: How to write a Press Release, Sara Amaral & Carolina Caetano (CNC)
10h30-11h: How to write a Press Release - Practical exercice PR

14h-15h: Social networks, Marta Correia (CNC)
15h-16h: Social networks - Practical exercice 
16h30-17h30: How to talk to your granny,  João Cardoso (CNC) 

Tuesday - May 11

9h-10h30: Tips and hit on how to talk to a camera, Marta Costa (UC)
10h45-11h30: How to talk to a camera - Practical exercice 
11h30-13h:  Video Brainstorming, Marta Costa (UC) & Sara Varela Amaral (CNC)

14h-18h: Making a movie to “Dia Nacional do Cientista” 

Wednesday - May 12

9h-10h: Moving forward on openness in animal research within the European scientific community,  Ana Barros (EARA)
10h-10h30: Out of the Box is a nice place, Sara Varela Amaral (CNC)
11h-12h: “A Saúde no Saber” - a health literacy project, Marta Correia (CNC)
12h-13h: Fundraising for Biomedical Research, Maria João Leão (Maratona da Saúde) 

14h-15h30: Health communication round table:
15h30-17h30: Scientific “Out of the Lab” Careers 

Thursday - May 13

10h-11h: Science and Comics,  André Caetano
11h-12h: Theatre and Science, Mário Montenegro (Marionet)
12h-13h: Design Thinking for SciComm Projects - part I

14h-15h: Design Thinking for SciComm Projects - part II
15h00-16h00: Career management skills: why we need them and how to develop them,  Pedro Resende (Chaperone)
16h30-19h00: Identifying your skills and Strengths, Joana Moscoso (Chaperone)

Friday - May 14

9h-10h: Technology Transfer: Why do we need it?, Catarina Santos (CNC)
10h-10h30:  Technology Transfer - Practical Exercice
11h-13h: How to make a pitch, Jorge Pimenta (IPN)

14h: SEMINAR: Scientists and Journalists, Teresa Firmino (Jornal Público)
15h-17h: Projects presentation
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