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PDBEB Courses 2019/2020 - Connecting Researchers with the Society @ CNC
February 17 - 21
Coordinator: Sara Varela Amaral - sara.amaral@cnc.uc.pt

Doctoral Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine (PDBEB)
2019/2020 Edition

Connecting Researchers with the Society @ CNC

February 17 – February 21, 2020

Registration is mandatory here.

Deadline for registration: February 10, 2020

Sara Varela Amaral - sara.amaral@cnc.uc.pt; CNC



Ana Catarina Santos; CNC
João Cardoso; CNC
João Ramalho-Santos; CNC
Jorge Pimenta; IPN
Maria João Leão,;Maratona da Saúde
Marta Costa and Karine Paniza; DCom-UC
Mireia Alemany iPàges; CNC
Nuno Coelho; DEI and CEIS 20
Pedro Resende; Chaperone
Sara Varela Amaral;  CNC
Teresa Firmino; Público

Date: February 17 – February 21, 2020

Location: CNC


Monday, 17th February

9h15-9h30: Opening Session
9h30-10h00: Creative Writing in Science - João Ramalho-Santos, CNC
10h00-10h30: Ice break
11h00-12h00: Fundraising for Biomedical Research - Maria João Leão, Maratona da Saúde
13h30-14h30: Out of the box is a nice place - Sara Varela Amaral, CNC

14h30-15h00: Talking science with your granny - João Cardoso, CNC
15h00-16h00: Public Speaking - practical session
16h00-17h00: Can a liver be deffated with SciComm? - Mireia Alemany I Pàges

Tuesday, 18th February

9h30-10h00: Science and the Media - João Cardoso, CNC
10h00-11h00: How to write a Press Release - practical session
11h00-12h00: Becoming a science influencer - João Cardoso, CNC
12h00-13h00: Social networks - practical session

14h00-16h30: Media trainning - Marta Costa and Karine Paniza, DCom-UC

16h30-17h30: Science and Journalists - Teresa Firmino, Público

Wednesday, 19th February

10h00-13h00: How to make a pitch - Jorge Pimenta, IPN

14h00-15h30: Technology Transfer @ CNC - Ana Catarina Santos, CNC
15h30-18h00: Design Thinking for SciCom projects - practical session

Thursday, 20th February

10h00-11h00: Career Management Skills: Why we need them and where to get them - Pedro Resende, Chaperone
11h00-12h00: Identifying Skills and Strengths - practical session

14h00-15h00: Conflict Management and Effective Communication in the Lab - practical session
15h00-18h00: Creative writing in science - practical session

Friday, 21st February

9h30-12h30: Pitch presentation - practical session

14h00-15h00: Science Communication Through Design and Multimedia Projects, Nuno Coelho, DEI and CEIS 20
15h00-17h00: Talking science for high-school students @ ES Jaime Cortesão - practical session

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