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PDBEB Courses 2018/2019 - Proteomics Approaches in Life Sciences (OPTIONAL)
May 6 - 10
Coordinator: Bruno Manadas (bmanadas@gmail.com), Isaura Simões (isimoesbiocant.pt) & Sandra Anjo (sandra.isabel.anjo@gmail.com)
Proteomics Approaches in Life Sciences

May 6 - 10, 2019

 CNC (UC-Biotech), Cantanhede

Bruno Manadas, Ph.D. (CNC, Coimbra, Portugal)
Isaura Simões, Ph.D. (CNC, Coimbra, Portugal)
Sandra Anjo, Ph.D. (CNC, Coimbra, Portugal)

Registration Deadline:  May 3, 2019 to srocha@cnc.uc.pt

Registration form: https://forms.gle/bab2BGbLqfLgekTWA

More informations are available at:

The course will dedicate special emphasis to:

- Mass spectrometry approaches used to proteomics analysis;
- Untargeted proteomics screenings, proteomics applied to
biomarker discovery, translational omics, and clinical omics;
- Other omics – a brief overview of phosphoproteomics, redoxomics and interactomics;
- Integrative analysis of proteomics data including phosphoproteomics and other PTMs;
- Proteomics for the analysis of proteolytic events: PICS,
N-terminal degradomics, Targeted-degradomics

 International Invited Speakers:

       Dr. Pedro Beltrao, [European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)]
       Dr. Ulrich auf dem Keller, [Technical University of Denmark (DTU)]
       Dr. Sriram Aravamudhan, [Proteomics Product Manager from Cell Signaling Technology]


Registration Info
Attendance is limited to 20 participants (for BEB students additional vacancies will be made available). PhD students enrolling in other Doctoral programs can request a 3 ECTS certificate.

All the applicants are requested to complete a registration form. The applicants who would like to participate in the poster session are requested to upload an abstract.

Fees: 100€ (Includes coffee breaks and meeting materials). Course fees do not apply to students enrolled in BEB and other UC PhD programmes


Monday I Mass spectrometry applied to proteomics analysis
[Bruno Manadas & Sandra Anjo]
Biological need, Sample prep, data acquisition, data analysis, including PTM identification

Tuesday I Untargeted proteomics screening for biomarker discovery,
translational omics and clinical omics
Quantitative proteomics data acquisition and data analysis [Bruno Manadas and Sandra Anjo]
Practical cases on differential proteomics studies, translational omics, and biomarker discovery [Bruno Manadas, Sandra Anjo, Catia Santa]
Using SWATH-MS to understand host-pathogen interactions [Isaura Simoes]

Wednesday I Other omics -brief overview of redoxomics, interactomics and phosphoproteomics

Redoxomics and Interactomics [Sandra Anjo]
Deciphering signal transduction using PTMScan: An affinity proteomics method for quantitative profiling of post-translational modifications [Sriram Aravamudhan, Cell Signalling] (Session Open to Public)

Thursday I Integrative analysis of phosphoproteomics data (and other PTMs)

Introduction to machine learning [Pedro Beltrao]
11h30 -12h30: Seminar: Evolution and functional relevance of protein phosphorylation  [Pedro Beltrao]
Computational approaches to study protein post-translational regulation [Pedro Beltrao]

Poster Session

Friday I Proteomics for the analysis of proteolytic events: PICS, N-terminal degradomics, Targeted-degradomics
Advanced protease degradomics technologies [Ulrich auf dem Keller]
11h30 -12h30: Seminar: Protease networks in skin inflammation and repair [Ulrich auf dem Keller]
Protease degradomics data analysis: tools and strategies [Ulrich auf dem Keller]
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