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PDBEB Courses 2018/2019 - Connecting the Researchers with the society
February 18 - 22
Coordinator: Sara Amaral (sara.amaral@cnc.uc.pt)
Connecting Researchers with the Society
February 18 - 22, 2019
CNC (FMUC, POLO I building)
Sara Varela Amaral (sara.amaral@cnc.uc.pt), CNC, University of Coimbra


Adalberto Fernandes I CNC, University of Coimbra
Ana Catarina Gomes I Coimbra Genomics
Ana Teresa Viegas I CNC, University of Coimbra
Carla Veríssimo I CNC, University of Coimbra
Cláudia Cavadas I CNC, University of Coimbra
Joana Lobo Antunes I ITQB-UNL/Rede SciComPT
Joana Moscoso I Native Scientist
João Cardoso I CNC, University of Coimbra
João Ramalho-Santos I CNC, University of Coimbra
Jorge Figueira I DITS, University of Coimbra
Karine Paniza I PIMC, University of Coimbra
Mario Montenegro I Marionet  & CEIS20 / UC
Marta Costa I PIMC, University of Coimbra
Marta Passadouro I III, University of Coimbra
Miguel Ferreira I CFE, University of Coimbra
Teresa Firmino I Público

Limited vacancies: 30

Public Engagement in Science
Communication with the media
Visual communication 
Career development 

Registration Fees:

Free for:
•    PhD students developing research @ CNC.IBILI and registered in the PhD Programs:
o    PhD in Biological and Experimental Biology (BEB) – IIIUC 

o    PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences – FFUC 

o    PhD in Health Sciences – FMUC 

o    Inter-University Doctoral Programme in Ageing and Chronic Disease – FMUC 

o    PhD in Biosciences – FCTUC 

o    Other PhD programmes with CNC commitment 

o    PhD Researchers from CNC.IBILI 

    PhD Students from other PhD Programs: 25 €
    PhD Researchers, Pos-docs or other professionals not from CNC.IBILI: 50 €  

More information: http://beb.cnbc.pt/det_courses.asp?id=1048

Registration Form: https://goo.gl/forms/16yaRWGB6k37OaRy2


February 18 - 22, 2019
CNC [FMUC, POLO I building]

Monday, 18 February 2019
09h00-9h30: Opening Session 
9h30-10h00: Tips to be a good PhD student  I Cláudia Cavadas
10h00-11h00: Ice break I Sara Amaral,  Ana Teresa Viegas, João Cardoso
11h-11h30: Out of the box is a nice place I Sara Amaral
11h30-12h00: Speaking to the society: a famelab experience I  João Cardoso
12h-12h30: Talking science with my granny - practical exercice I João Cardoso
12h30-14h:00: Lunch
14h00-15h00: Talking science with my granny - practical exercice I Sara Amaral
15h00-16h30: Excellence for Science. Impact for Society I Joana Moscoso

Tuesday, 19 February 2019
09h00-9h30: Science in the new media I Ana Teresa Viegas e Miguel Ferreira
9h30-11h00:  Communicating science through social media - practical exercice I Ana Teresa Viegas e Miguel Ferreira
11h30-12h30: Press Releases I Adalberto Fernandes
12h30-13h00:  Writing a new - practical exercice  IAdalberto Fernandes
13h00-14h:00: Lunch
14h00-15h00: Seminar: “Journalists and scientists: how to communicate?” (in portuguese)  I Teresa Firmino
15h00-15h30: Media training  I Marta Costa e Karine Paniza
15h30-17h00: Talking to a camera - practical exercice  I Marta Costa e Karine Paniza

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

9h30-12h30: From the bench to the.. I Ana Catarina Gomes
12h30-13h30:  TechVentures  I Pedro Ribeiro Santos
13h30-14h30: Lunch
14h30-16h00: Communication with the industry  - Marta Passadouro e Jorge Figueira
16h00-17h00: Exogenus Therapeutics  I Joana Correia
17h00-17h30: Making a pitch - practical exercice

Thursday, 21 February 2019
9h30-12h30: Career Development I Ana Catarina Gomes
12h30-14h:00: Lunch
14h-15h00:  Visual Communication in Science I Pedro Martins
15h00-17h30: Design thinking for SciCom projects - practical exercice I Sara Amaral

Friday, 22 February 2019
9h30-10h:00 Research and quality management: incompability or not?  I Carla Veríssimo
10h00-11h00: Science, Society, Ethics and Communication: An Intriguing and Fertile Mess I João Ramalho-Santos 
11h-12h00: Seminar: “Science Communication in Portugal - how far are we?” I Joana Lobo Antunes
12h00-13h:30 Lunch
14h00-15h00: Seminar: “Fine Timescale Coordination of  Thalamic Activity with mPFC and CA1 non-REM Oscilations" I Carmen Varela 
15h00-17h00:  Science and Theatre I Mário Montenegro
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