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PDBEB students have the opportunity to be involved in the CNC´s Public Outreach programme. This programme, developed by Science Communication Office of CNC, intends to help disseminating scientific advances to the benefit of society and to the research process itself, liaising between the different areas of the research institute, the media, and the publics. Our outreach efforts have the enthusiastic involvement of the Center’s research staff, graduate and undergraduate students.
Brain Awareness Week (BAW)
During Brain Awareness Week (BAW), a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, several events are yearly organized by CNC with the sponsorship of the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience (SPN), the Ciência Viva Agency, the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), and The Dana Foundation.

Every March, several actions take place for school-age children and the general public. During the action “Neuroscientists go to Schools” neuroscientists visit schools from the region and give lectures on brain related subjects to high school students; elementary and middle school students perform hands-on activities also on brain-related subjects. During the action “Open Laboratories” students visit CNC’s laboratories and take part in talks about neuroscience research. Numerous exhibitions (scientific photography, students artwork), concerts, conferences and debates are also organized during BAW events, for which we have the close collaboration of the Science Museum, Science Center and local City Council.
European Researchers Night
CNC have been taking part in the European Researchers’ Night in close collaboration with the Science Museum at the University of Coimbra. With activities for school age children and for the general public (hands-on activities, conferences, public debates, theatre plays), this “edutainment” initiative – education plus entertainment, allows people to be closer to researchers and their world.
Art and Science
Since 2009 CNC has participated in several activities that use the artistic language to explore scientific subjects in one attempt to create new ways of communicating with the public. Several theatre plays were staged in close collaboration with CNC researchers, either as actors, authors or sources of inspiration. Extensive work was done on the Art and Science interconnection, with the participation of several PDBEB students.
More information about CNC´s public outreach programme here
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