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2nd BEB/Bluepharma award

Bluepharma and BEB will award a participant, who submits the scientific work that he/she is involved to the scrutiny of an evaluation panel of CNC postdocs, with the "BEB/Bluepharma Award".

The Award will give the opportunity to the winner to be able to attend and present the results of their research work at a chosen EMBL Conference in 2018 or 2019.

Bluepharma, the Pharmaceutical Company based in Coimbra, wanted to be part of this innovative idea and supported the assigned grant.

The Application must be submitted until the 5th of January, in a single (maximum 2 pages long) PDF file. The results will be lauched during the BEB day - 19th January 2018.

Email for submissions: 2beb.bluepharma.award@gmail.com

Guidelines BEB Bluepharma Award
Terms Conditions BEB Bluepharma Award
The courses are taught by leading CNC and invited scientists. The curriculum is designed to expose students to top research areas and to instigate the development of analytical, technical and communicative skills required to today's biologists.
Title: In Utero Programming of Adult Metabolism and Disease
Description:  March 26 - 30
Coordinators: Paulo Oliveira & João Ramalho-Santos
Contacts: pauloliv@ci.uc.pt / jramalho@ci.uc.pt
Title: Ageing: from cellular processes to the organism
Description:  March 12 - 16
Coordinator: Cláudia Cavadas: ccavadas@ci.uc.pt
Title: Intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of circadian brain oscillators
Description:  March 16
Hugh Piggins
University of Manchester, UK
CNC Auditorium (2nd floor, FMUC, Pólo I)
Host: Cláudia Cavadas
Title: Mood disorders: controversies on nosologic and nosographic aspects
Description:  March 15
Carlos Saraiva
Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra
Euclides Pires Auditorium (UC-Biotech - Cantanhede)
Host: Paulo Oliveira
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